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When is a cat more than a cat?  When it’s a feline sage! Come on a transformational journey with Deanna and her furry guides into worlds of kinship, wisdom, and immortality. Along the way, we’ll form a family, encounter unorthodox bed fellows and intensify our relationship through animal communication. Come in for the humor, warmth and faltering steps into love and attunement. Stay for the ​magic, mystery and mayhem! A very unusual, rock-your-world ‘must read’ for all animal lovers… and others. 




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      On a desolate farm, a lonely little girl learned to fear and hate felines. Years     later, she has a transformative moment with a friend’s cat.

       Life intervenes. Decades later, after school, marriage, and living in Alaska,

she relocates to Texas. There, finally settled and ready for a cat, she adopts a loud-mouthed Siamese who teaches her how to be Cat-Mom. Then a stubborn      

 Maine Coon arrives to make her change her mind about almost everything.               Finally, another little cat arrives and,  like Christmas past, helps her heal her  childhood.

      She must open her heart, mind and soul to receive the lessons in the magic

  and mystery her furry guides want her to know. For this, she needs help with  the rent and with the mayhem of dealing with a stubborn feline who is always    

  into mischief but takes promises very seriously. On a psychic’s advice, Deanna    buys a big house, has crazy-odd tenants, begins a journey into holistic health,    experiences mayhem personal health, from the insect kingdom and from 9/11,    and, finally, has her world view shaken when she delves into animal    communication. 

     Can she make changes in her very soul to accept the wisdom the cats share      

  with her? Can she learn to communicate with animals? What does a horse    

  teach her? Can she finally solve the mystery of her sweet little calico, the girl        who can’t learn to use the litter box? What is the final lesson that Bear shows    

  her? You’ll find the answers here as you follow and laugh at the antics of the    

  cats, cry over sweet lessons, wonder at the strange experiences that occur.    Finally, you will be fascinated at what the fuzzy sages teacher her, and be filled    with wonder at the magic moment when life’s most mysterious question is    answered. 
      You just might find your boundaries and ideas about animals, and your

 world, shaken to the core. A must-read for animal lovers... and others.

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   5/5 stars Extraordinary! Thanks for the epic journey! By Amazon Customer on August 15, 2016 "Purrs & Promises was an extraordinary read for me, a memoir of life lived in concert with other living things, in recognition of the common elements that unite us, and in connection with the other beings around us, all  held together by poignancy and laugh-out-loud humor. In this unique work Deanna takes us on a journey from fear and duty to heartbreak and joy, and from questioning to fact-finding to conclusion. We go from the ordinary to the truly astonishing, from the intuitive and counter-intuitive, and from the unknowing to the knowing, with side trips to the second chances, anguish, and miraculous goodbyes. Memoirs, and especially cat books, are not my usual fare...Welcome aboard! Your guide today will be Deanna Chesnut.

    (From book)  "Deanna Chesnut’s book will resonate with anyone who has chosen to have animal companions be a part of his/her life. Her story, although distinctly her own, is one that describes the journey of having a pet come into one’s life, the trials and tribulations of adjusting to each others quirks, and ultimately, becoming the very best of friends.  Her style of writing will grab you, give you belly laughs, and keep you engaged until the end." Carol Wright,  Animal Communicator,  email:  wrightcaw@gmail.com
    (From book) "What a sweet and wonderful story! I loved working with Deanna and her amazing cats, Bear and Sami. Their progress and journey is awe inspiring.  What wonderful Teachers, Angels, healers and Guides we are blessed with."  Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle, Animal Communicator  http://www.valheart.com
    5 out of 5 Stars  "Heart-warming story with love and humor."   By Brenda Dunklau on August 15, 2016   A heart-warming story about a person who, as a child, didn’t like cats, but as an adult, came to think of them as family members. Because of the emotions detailed, the sincerity of the author’s feelings are realistic. The humor of the cat dialogue brought a smile to my face.I will recommend to my neighborhood book group that “Purrs and Promises” be one of the books we read next year.5.0 out of 5 stars   (Update-Purrs & Promises has been selected as book of the month club by Brenda's Book Club in 2017) 
   (From Book) "Ms. Chesnut's account of how her cats ushered her into the world of animal communication and beyond is an inspiring example of how dramatically our furry, finned and feathered friends can change our lives and how deep the bond and understanding between different species can be. It is absolutely accurate, as to horsiness. The author's storytelling style is unique and authentic and will delight animal lovers everywhere.  Leta Worthington, Animal Communicator,  Author: A Practical Guide for A Magical Journey @ http://www.herbsandanimals.com 
    (by email)" ....couldn't put it aside."  I don't usually read books, but a friend offered me "Purrs and Promises", I stayed up til 3 or 4 a.m. a couple of nights, I couldn't put it aside! I believe animals have feelings, but didn't realize how deep they run. Between the laughter and the tears, I learned the importance of how some people communicate with cats.  Grandma Suze  9/27/16
   “... a fantastic book! The author takes on a journey, learning incredible things from Bear and the communications she worked with, and in the end was gifted with a true-life example of shape-shifting, an elusive dream for most people. So cool.”  Carla Meeske,  Shaman, Animal Communicator and  Teacher   http://www.spirithealer.com 
    5/5 stars Amazon "At age 95 I still love to read   By Kathryn Traeger 
I found this book by a new author. At age 95 I still love to read and this book held my interest all the way to the end and I didn’t fall asleep once! I laughed, cried, learned things I didn't know about cats. I am going to reread it ..."

    5/5 stars Wonderful book! ByAmazon Customer on August 22, 2016. A wonderful read and a wonderful book! Ms.Chesnut writes with such a depth of feeling and honesty about her cats, whom she loves so much, that I could hardly put the book down. The information about success with various holistic healing treatments is a big plus. Extremely well-written! 
    5/5 stars  Amazon.  Excellent Read!!  By Dan Needles on September 3, 2016. When I sit down to read, I delve into SciFi, Fantasy and similar genres as I write the same. ...when I picked up this little gem and found myself entranced by the character building between the author and her feline companions..."Story" is about relationships, both external and internal, and how they build and deepen our character through adversity and connecting with others though our shared vulnerabilities. And it doesn't matter whether "others" have two legs or four. The impact can be the same on our souls 8-) 

    5/5 stars By Amazon Customer September 24, 2016. Great read! This book transported me back to my life with my first babies, two seal point Siamese cats. I relived many of the same experiences as the author described with her kitties. One such instance was when I brought home my second kitty, so my first kitty would have a friend....she never forgave me; now I understand why. I felt it was written with honesty and emotion that brought the reader from laughter and tears throughout the book. A very well written book that ALL pet lovers should read.  
     5/5 star. Amazon.  "Cativating" Read!  By Gail K. Miller on on September 21, 2016. As a dog person, I was surprised how compelling Purrs and Promises became as I curled up and opened my mind and heart to three complex cats and their loving and somewhat bewildered adult companion. Their thoughts and devotion comforted the author, and educated the reader.   
     5/5 stars.  FUN ByJennifer Cantlon on September 22, 2016 . All cat lovers should read this book. Cat haters should read it too. You just might change your hatred for cats. It is a very entertaining book that will make you laugh and cry. I will be purchasing several of the books for Christmas presents.  
     5/5 stars Amazon. Really interesting read. By Jeb Seibel on August 31, 2016. I'm not much of a cat person, so I was pleasantly surprised when I was handed a copy of this book and found it enchanting. From a childhood filled with cat terrors, Ms Chesnut learns to love felines in a way that is both delightful to read and heartwarming to think about. Jeb Seibel, Screenwriter
     (From e-mail) Lump in my Throat.  I am no cat lover. I have never connected with animals on the level that (Ms) Chesnut has. But there were passages in this book that carried me swiftly along, and before I knew it I had a lump in my throat."  Carlos Rumbout, Retired Software writer, Poet and working Musician.